Manly Memorial Baptist Church  is a loving, Christian community that has been in existence in Lexington, Virginia since 1841. 

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These are challenging days in which to live. There is so much change that is occurring much more rapidly than many of us are comfortable with. There are societal divisions and political divides so deep that they threaten the harmony of communities, and families. There is such passionate disagreement regarding many of the key issues of our day that even the best of friends walk on egg shells with each other. So how are we as Christians to live in such disturbing times?

To help answer that question, beginning on September 2nd we will begin a series of sermons focused on the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are a series of eight statements where Jesus describes those who are “blessed” by God. In the Bible, those who are blessed enjoy God’s approval and experience the highest level of fulfillment and well-being that a person can experience. We’re going to look at how Jesus says we should live so that we receive God’s blessing even in the midst of chaotic and challenging days.

Worship Service, Sep 23rd

Call to Worship     Sent To Me        Brian Kave & Ken Farrar

Duo        It Was His Fathers Will     Brian Kave & Ken Farrar

Scripture: Matthew 5:6

Message   “What Are You Feeding Your Heart?”   Dr. J. Michael Wilkins



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