Barbara Heckman on May 1, 2020

IMMEDIATE NEED - Please consider becoming a MASKETEER

The following is a newsletter sent out by the newly formed Masketeer sewing group here in the county. They are organized, coordinated and are making a positive impact on slowing down the spread of COVID-19 in our community. 

Rescue and fire department workers/volunteers are running out of essential protective masks so they are requesting washable homemade masks to wear over the masks they do have to help keep their main mask clean so they can be worn more than once. Some have no masks at all so they are desperate for some sort of protection. Grocery stores, nursing homes and others have also been requesting homemade masks.

The need is GREAT and the need is NOW. Please consider helping and/or spreading the word.

 Kay Lera (461-3568) who is coordinating this effort will gladly provide you with information and answer any of your questions. 


 From: Kay Lera <klera@rockbridge.net>

Date: April 3, 2020 at 10:25:22 PM EDT

Subject: Masketeer project update
I wanted to update you all on the progress and activity of the Masketeers. We are most definitely serving our community and having a positive impact.  Thank you!!
Today I submitted a brief article to the Gazette for publication Wednesday, April 8th. The article explained our project and how to become involved as a volunteer. I hope to recruit more helpers.
This week we gained 10 additional
sewing volunteers to our group. This gain will certainly aid our production.
We established 3 manned drop-off sites with dedicated volunteers to gather, sort and deliver orders if necessary.
As of 4/3/20 my records show we have delivered 176 masks. This number does not reflect a large number of masks that were delivered to Kendal. My estimate is that approximately 60 additional masks were received by Kendal which increases our overall production totals.
Outstanding number of masks requested as of 4/3/20 stands at 326.
Offers from community members are being directed to Accacia at Make it Sew, so she can continue to order supplies and prepare kits.
A generous donor has given 4 portable and 1 cabinet sewing machines to the project. These are well maintained older Singer, Brother and Kenmore machines.
One of these machines has been promised. Please keep in mind that we have these machines if a volunteer would like to participate.
I hope you will share this update with your friends . Also encourage them and family members who sew to contact me to join the project.

Kay Lera 463-3568

Thanks so much for helping to keep our community safe🙏🏻‼️





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Item of the month for May is cereal or oatmeal.
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